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Race Evaluation

UNO Beaver Brook: Red


1. +00:10Up along the right side of the spur, things were looking a bit vague, realized I was too far right, looked left and spotted it through the trees. Prior to starting spent 5 minutes frantically looking for my thumb compass. Thought I had it in my bag, but what I saw was the remnants of one of my original thumb compasses - the bezel is fine, but the housing is snapped in half... Ran with a base plate compass, with a bubble. Reminded me of how used I am to a thumb compass now, but good training. I always carry a spare compass around my neck just in case.
2. Planned to just go straight for it, changed my mind at the trail. Angled right to the perpendicular trail, never saw the man-made object, but realized I was past the crest of the broad spur, hooked left, saw the knoll, then the reentrant just before it.
3. On compass, saw the busy area to the left. Momentarily confused by the pretty significant reentrant perpendicular to the way I was going, checked the map carefully to make sure I hadn't dropped to far, went another 10 feet and saw it.
4. Angled down the slope, beautiful open running to the trail. Over the swamp crossing, took right fork, then near immediate left into woods and saw it.
5. Stayed on the trail a bit too long, trying to count spurs and reentrants, went in at a right angle to the control, and nailed it.
6. Remembered spazzing in this area back during the A meet, so opted to stay on the trail. Got tied up in a large group of hikers. Over the spur, form line reentrant, another spur and in, just about the time I was starting to get a wee bit concerned.
7. Rough compass through the vague area. Slightly higher ground to my right seemed to coalesce into a spur, keeping an eye out to both sides, as I wasn't positive I was at the right elevation. Spotted it moments before panic set in, as the view to my left wasn't matching what I wanted to see,
8. Cross first trail, then take 2d trail to right. Not keen on a straight on approach, take the trail to the sharp bend, then carefully pick my way in. Not much of a depression, but the flag is there, so I must be in the right spot.
9. Straight on, being careful once past the broad reentrant. Nail it.
10. Never did figure out what was mapped as dark green versus light green - possibly the groves of white pine versus hemlock? Runnability seemed to be comparable, but the visibility in the pines was certainly less. Finally decided to ignore vegetation and focus on contours. Had come over a spur, into a broad reentrant, WSW past depression, some spurs coming up, stay to right, then cut left past a clump of trees and spotted it.
11. Rough compass and keeping a close eye on terrain, didn't want to overshoot. Would have helped to pace count... Saw it off to the right, hung wonderfully high.
12. +00:45Blast down the hill to the 2d trail, pick my way through the trail network to the bridge, past an older fellow getting some water for his large (and well-behaved) dog. Trail to the spur just below the control, area got vague about halfway up the hill. Realied I was a bit too far S and possibly too high. Sporadic visibility, but the reentrant became more obvious (I had been S and too high, but not by much). Glad to see it.
13. Stayed high, hit the stone wall at the spur, with the trickle marsh to my immediate right. Down hill and saw it.
14. Over 1 trail and took the 2d to the corner, cut up diagonally to the trail along the broad hill top. Went in at the trail junction and headed too far east. Saw the next trail, figured I must have crossed above it, circled back and spotted it.
15. Trail, stone wall, trail right at the trickle. saw it from across the stream.
16. Back across the stream/marsh to the larger trail. Left onto the smaller trail, had to stop to look closely at the map, middle aged eyes were straining, obvious reentrant just past the trail T.
17. +00:10Back to the trail, had to stop to get a good look at the map. Into the field, crossed the stonewall/thick green before the nice trail cut. Grabbed a big handful of greenbriar along with the punch, lost 10 seconds or so getting that unembedded out of my palm...
F. Felt good coming in, fairly clean run, no big bobbles, and was able to push physically most of the way.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:05

Split Analysis

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