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Race Evaluation

UNO Beaver Brook: Red


1. Things looked funny in here, contour-wise, but that was probably all in my head. Overshot, and wasn't too speedy heading back.
2. Drifted right and bounced off the trail.
3. Hesitated shortly before the control when I reached a rib that looked a lot bigger on the ground than what I was seeing on the map.
4. I always screw up in this area. Short attack from the trail junction, but missed to the right and looped around.
5. Finally one that went okay!
6. Pulled up a little short, near the depression, hampered by low visibility.
7. Basically blundered into this, not really able to figure out the contours.
8. Pretty careful attacking, and found it without trouble.
9. Went directly to the boulder that I had circled, no control, checked cluesheet and went directly to the correct one.
10. Trying to be careful, but maybe I was just lucky.
11. Caught up to Dean here, and should have paid more attention to the map and less to him. Just missed the control, dropped a couple of extra lines, failed to realize this, eventually bailed to the trail to the S, but actually hit the one to the W, successfully got back to where I had been before, but this time understood where I was.
12. Down to the trail, completely failed to read the map, and followed it to the subdivision, thinking I was on the one that went by the lake. Corrected, and still lost time struggling through the laurel at the end.
13. Too far right, crossed the upper wall, came back, but was still too high when I crossed the wall before the control and hesitated before going down to the boulder.
14. Pretty much straight.
16. Misread the trails immediately after crossing the stream, and then went slowly once I realized my mistake.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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