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Race Evaluation

Boulder Dash 2007: Blue Day 2


1. After yesterdays fiasco I had no plan on relying on the compass or the map details. I slowed way down to make sure I wouldn't over run my map reading ability. I though about running the marsh around but decided to go straight since I didn't like this area yesterday. Guess what , the map still sucks. I dropped down about 5 cliffs on the way to this control but there aren't even 5 cliffs on the map. Same crappy map as yesterday but today I tried to not let it rattle me. I attacked from the control I found yesterday in the same area. Slow but I got there.
2. Straight, at least as straight as you can run on this map. Followed the spur just north of the line to the control. Already tired of from the uphill.
3. Southeast to the trail. Trail to the junction then cut over to the other trail. Trail to the next junction then turned east by the marsh and around the hill west of the control.
4. Used my handrails but had to keep correcting. By the first marsh, by the second marsh. Got on the "indistinct" trail which was actually a small foot path. Ran by one of the cairns.
5. First of the map screw ups. The line went right overtop the critical hill features. The green was mapped incorrectly and there were several missing boulders on the map. I was a little short. Corrected on an unmapped boulder which didn't lead me to the control. Finally decided to not waste any time. Bailed out to the trail junction and attacked again. Control still not quite right but I found it tucked into the green. Didn't see the "white slice" throught the green. If they hadn't covered the features then I probably would have been fine for this control.
6. Straight. Or at least that was the intention. I suspect that I did go straight but the map isn't. I had to keep changing direction to match the features on the map. I crossed all kinds of open areas which weren't on the map but I wasn't paying any attention to reality. I was using the #$$% map instead. I ended up 100 meters east at the rock feature. Still can't see what the feature is even with a magnifying glass. I should use this time to point out that the drafing of the map is poor. It looks like it was drafted at 1:5000 and never adjusted for 1:10,000 scale.
7. Straight. There was some issue of what it was hung on. Looking at the map with a magnifying glass I still can't see what the rock feature is suppose to be. I suspect it is a cliff with a boulder but the cliff looks broken. Could it be a ruined Cliff :)
8. Oh you gotta love this one. Trail run. I decided to take the eastern trail to make the navigation easy. It should have been easy to find the only boulders in the circle. If the map had been correct it would have been. I cut into the woods and went rock hopping. I encountered about 8 boulders (all unmapped and the same size as the mapped ones. The marshes are mapped dubiously so fine navigation using them wasn't possible. I attacked from the two boulders north of the control but since there were so many other boulders who knows where I was. I went back to the trail and tried again and this time found the control. Looking very carefully at the map with a magnifying glass, I see there is some small rough open on the map that is impossible to see. Poor drafting.
9. Straight. Easy attack with the water there.
10. After the last short leg map problems. I ignored all the feature and the map. I took a bearing (which was risky) and pace counted. I couldn't tell if the map was wrong or not as I didn't pay any attention to it.
11. Around the "uncrossable" swamp. I have never seen this symbol used before. I though uncrossable swamps had to have a black line around them. Another set of boulders printed right on top of each other. Isn't this what the boulder cluster symbol is for. I guess I shouldn't complain as it was consitently poor across the whole map.
12. Straight. Left trail would have been better. I passed all kinds of unmapped clearing areas.
13. Trail to the clearing. across the root stock area. I drifted right, or the map drifted left (hard to say which was right and which was wrong. All kinds of features hidden by the control circle. I reloacted based on pace count and some unmapped boulders.
14. Followed Nadim Ahmed across the bridge, down the trail to the water and into the control.
15. Followed Nadim to his next control which wasn't on Blue. Just kept going until I hit the trail. Listened to Sharon Crawford talking to herself about her screw up.
16. I can't even begin to tell you what is wrong with this control. A better mapped area would help. Control circles that didn't hid the features that were mapped. Needless to say I was off, the map was off. I found several other controls (one hung on a root stock that wasn't on the map). After wandering awhile. I bailed out to the trails. That didn't help. So I went to different trail. Eventually found the control cursing the whole way. It was in a reentrant but why they picked that one versus the other two not mapped I couldn't say. Maybe they the ones hidden by the control circle. Since I can't see them I don't suppose it matters.
17. Who cares at this point. I just want to get off this frigging map and go home.
F. Jog in.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

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