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Race Evaluation

Sprint Series Final & US Relay Champs: Sprint B Course 3 (R/B)


1. Bad route choice
Ran too fast
Read map too late
Bad map reading
Started off running down the trail instead of cutting across the woods. Knew what I had done but didn't react/correct quick enough. Saw Mike S. coming back from the S, so he probably made a similar mistake. Got back on track at trail junction 2/5th to the control. Mike ran on the trail while I went more straight thru the white. He sort of led me to #1.
2. Bad route choice
Disturbed by others
Followed others
Was anxious to keep Mike in sight. So instead of seeing the easier trail route, I followed him left of redline, around marsh. But we ended up too far left (missed the trail) and had to come back for the control.
3. No attack point
Bad route choice
Did not plan ahead
Lacked concentration
Again didn't read the map, nor plan ahead. Should've seen the easy trail option, but went cross-country instead. Missed to the S and lumbered around the bare rock area S of control for a bit before realizing my mistake. Also I didn't read map carefully enough. Was looking for a rock cliff sticking out of the ground when the actual cliff is buried along the side of a depression.
4. Ran the trail to the bend, then straight to the boulder.
5. No attack point
Did not plan ahead
Lacked confidence
Didn't really have a plan. Just ran in the direction of redline. Drifted right. May have been on or near the trail N of #5. Noticed the spur/knoll feature and got to the control. But I was slow and hesitant.
6. Hesitated
Still a bit unsure of myself after the string of mistakes and hesitations. Crossed the stream and trails. Saw the stonewall. But then I was on an unmapped trail. There's a small indistinct trail shown on map further along. I slowed me down some more. I followed the trail straight into the control.
7. Just took a bearing and ran up the hill.
8. Bad map reading
Confused parallel features
Lacked confidence
Over the wall and onto a trail. Noted the complexity of the trail network. Decided to not worry about it and just contour along side hill. Eventually found a trail. Didn't know it at the time, but I got onto the "ride." Stopped one reentrant too early when I spotted a boulder to my right and thought it was the one NE of #8. I turned, ran up slope looking for control flag. Didn't see one. Hit the upper trail. Decided to go further ahead, and viola! the flag is sitting in the next reentrant. Because of the mistake, Samantha had caught up to me.
9. Left of redline, along trail to junction. Then straight to control.
10. Took a bearing. Used the shallow knoll to my left as a guide. Kind of wanting to spot the small depression. Never saw it, but didn't need to because I spotted the single tree.
11. Went right of redline whereas Sam went straighter. We got there at the same time.
12. On a bearing, but drifted left. Got to the edge of the green, turned right, ran along it. Ended up going around the building on the S side. Punched just before Sam.
13. Stayed in the open around the green on the right. I think the dark green and redline combined to obscured the trail on the map. I saw the trail head when running, but since I couldn't read it, I didn't see it as an option. That would've been slightly faster. Caught Mike S. again and punched just before him and Sam.
F. High tailed out of the control and sprinted as hard as I could, trying to hold off Mike and Sam. I did, but barely.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:10

Split Analysis

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