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Race Evaluation

Sprint Series Final & US Relay Champs: Sprint B Course 3 (R/B)


1. +00:10Ross starting 30s behind me so I joked that I'd see him halfway to #1 - guess what, he passed me halfway to #1! Clean navigation - straight on the line but a little slow into the control due to rocky ground
2. +01:20boom... paying attention to picking a clean route out of the rocky crap and must have drifted R. Intended to pick up a trail headed NE but picked up the one FURTHER NE, realized when I had a hill instead of a marsh to my left, but decided to run the trail around at that point. Damn...
3. Knew where #3 was already so I punched #2 and flew at max capacity back to #3 and then out.
4. +00:10clean, but was looking at contours, not the rock in the middle of the circle, momentary hesitation in the circle
5. +00:10again, navigating on contours, up and over hill, then pausing to read description before heading to the rock
6. +00:10clean and straight, a little slow in the rocky section
7. climbing the hill straight, checking walls, right in..
8. compass and contours, didn't want to slow down to read trail junctions so just ignored them
9. same plan
10. up hill on bearing, steering R of hilltop, pushing as hard as I could
11. straight, crossed trail/wall junction, but wasn't really looking specifically for it, right in - good flow going now and starting to pick up traffic
12. train to the building
13. trail to the poison ivy patch
F. haul up the field as best I could. A very good run except for going to #3 before #2.... It looks like after my loss at #2, I only dropped a minute to John F over the remainder of the course - so my running speed seems good (for a old guy) if my navigation clicks...

Total Time Lost - 00:02:00

Split Analysis

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