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Race Evaluation

UNO Camping Weekend: Red Day 1


1. +02:00Had been here the day previously putting out water, but still messed up. From trail junction to NW edge of marsh. went up the reentrant rather than the spur, wandered around on the knolls SSe of the control for a bit
2. Slightly right of the line, between the marshes, over the spur.
3. +01:30Seemed to be drifting right a lot. thorugh the dry water holes, hit the linear marsh to the right of the beaver dam, looked left and didn't see it. saw some rocks that I was able use to cross with my feet dry. Was right of the 2d beaver dam also, lost some time working my way over to it. Over the trail past the marsh, up the reentrant, then into the right leg of it.
4. +02:00Went arond to the right, but not as far as Clint M. stayed NE of the very large boulders (both sets), got into the light green (small lines) not too tough to ru through but visibility was lousy. Hit the (dry) stream, over to the branch stream then was skirting the broad reentrant to approach from the NE. Got pulled to the next set of knolls to the NW. reoriented off the small marsh just W of the control.
5. Just to the right of the line the whole way. 4 marshes, head up the intermittent stream bed W out of the 4th one curve left and in.
6. Rough bearing towards the corner of the pond. Got bogged down a little in the thick stuff by the corner. From the E tip, past 2 water holes and in.
7. Just right of the line. Angeld down the slope, staying above the marshthrough the saddle, across the narrow marsh / intermittent stream by the EW marsh. Punched just before Deb Humiston.
8. Around the hll mass to the right. Spur, broad reentrant, spur, more thick vegetation than mapped, getting too high onto broad hill to NW, looked and saw it on my left.
9. +10:00Heard Deb fussing and stewing in the thick stuff, saw Tony F barrelling in towards 8 as I left. Angled down the hill, just S of the water hole, up the slope, knolls, boulder cluster, rocky knoll, knoll by stony ground, vegetations getting thicker, where the hell am I? Rather than bailing out N to the pond, or S to the road, tried the time honored approach of wandering aimlessly, just knowing that I'll hit it dead on, any second now. Saw Deb again (fussing and stewing) by what I now realize is the 3 boulders 100m N of the control. Lucked into the control shortly afterwards. Had also been to this location the day before, setting out water... In my defense, I had approached from the SE, where the vegetation wasn't so thick.
10. Down the dry marsh, through the saddle, then around the N edge of the next hill - over and in.
11. +01:00Over to the road, cut in at the end of the roadside posts. Droppped to far down to the dot knooll, then looked up and saw it far above me.
12. Thorugh the forest, past the lean-to shelter. Not moving too fast, but staying ahead of Deb.

Total Time Lost - 00:16:30

Split Analysis

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