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Race Evaluation

UNO Camping Weekend: Green Day 2


1. Jogged walked with Jude (she was on Brown, 1&2 the same control).
2. N across road, was going around hill, but went over as it was less downfall.
3. Noticed this was the same area I tried to attack blue 8 Sat. That was executed badly, but I had been in this area twice that day. Trail to swamps, N to knoll by marsh.Saw Tim leaving
4. Tried to move well to catch Tim. Aimed off left, hit wall, NE to hill, along marsh, but Tim was already on the way out.
5. +01:30Mistook re entrant for spur on map...ARGH.
6. +02:00 Stayed S of marsh, which looked bad, then N from next marsh, Saw Tim leaving.
7. Moving afap to catch Tim. E of Pond, across re-entrant. Did not see knoll and went to far, had to turn back and relocate off high ground and cliff.
8. Just stayed along contour
10. Drawn to bigger boulder near open, then saw correct boulder but obviously it was too small to be mapped,,,,DUH.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:30

Split Analysis

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