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Race Evaluation

UNO Camping Weekend: Red Day 1


1. road to trail bend, then past nw part of marsh and up long ridge same leg as Blue1 - 6:15 Erin N, 6:38 PG, 5:53 CM
2. straight and slow, picking off features enroute same leg as Blue2 - 2:19 ErinN, 2:40 PG, 3:14 CM
3. beaver dams - after crossing 2nd dam skirted the green, cross trail, past marsh and picked up 2nd trail then attacked from top of small hill same leg as Blue3 - 9:34 ErinN, 10:52 PG, 10:29 CM
4. +00:30realized the numerous small climbs and boulders were tiring, so took trail north to flatter land, then fast sw run to stone wall/marsh junction then in from there. Hesitated in marsh before control to confirm my position as I didn't want to accidentally overshoot
5. almost on the line, using the marshes to keep on track (knowing that trying to navigate by rock is folly here) same as Blue7 - 6:50 SamS, 9:16 PG, 9:41 CM
6. fairly straight, staying high enough to avoid green near marsh, attacked from eastern tip of marsh. same as Blue8 - 7:19 ErinN, 7:58 PG, 9:35 CM
7. +00:45didn't even see the trail on the map - ran hard down to the pond south, then across stream at west end - very thick and slow to cross, then over the hill and in same as Blue9 - 6:02 ErinN, 6:23 PG, 7:26 CM
8. left of cigar shaped knoll, then left of green and right in same as Blue10 - 2:27 SamS, 3:09 PG, 2:38 CM
9. +02:00my major boom on the course - I was pretty good on compass into the vague area and must have turned uphill to the left a bit early as I wound up near the pond, but spotted the three large boulders in a row and then corrected
10. +00:30got a little left, hit the stream, paused to confirm my position, then headed up to the correct knoll
11. +00:20down road until woods opened up a bit, then in - got drawn down by a flag closer to the water - not mine of course
12. hard and straight through the woods toward the group shelter cutting the corner once I saw it ahead.
F. left of line to intermediate field, then in

Total Time Lost - 00:04:05

Split Analysis

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