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Race Evaluation

UNO Camping Weekend: Green Day 2


1. Trail as far as it goes, then just keeping lake on my left.
2. Up left side of large knoll, down spur to reentrant to boulder.
3. Past WHNO control 10 to bike trail to northernmost tip and up the marshes. Spike.
4. +04:00On compass, and following the back route from 5 to 6 from the day before, aiming for the green area before the stone wall, but didn't see it and was too far left. Followed stone wall too far N to vicinity of darker green marsh and had to go around and come in from the back.
5. Nice! SE to stone wall and across to reentrant heading NE, between hills to dry pond and reentrant downhill right to it.
6. Left of narrow pond (nasty getting across there), then uphill on angle between marsh and knoll to reentrant.
7. +00:30W of incredible pond,under the big cliff, down the dry stream a bit and over the spur. Hit the western knoll in the circle first and had to read the map again to figure out where I was, but basically fine.
8. Easy running. I thought I would see the big rock from a distance, so got a little worried, but hit it dead on. It was just a bit tucked in.
9. +10:00Back route from night O 6 a bit, and got in trouble again. Apparently drifted too far S and never found the long thin marsh. Took a hard fall, eventually finding the bike trail and following it all the way to the Fundy trail. Came in from the S, coming east of the green marsh, and should have been easy, but saw Mette and got distracted and ended up a bit too far N and had to relocate.
10. +01:30Tried to go straight but drifted E and hit the trail, then climbed the hill too far W and hit the open area. Relocated ok from there

Total Time Lost - 00:16:00

Split Analysis

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