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Race Evaluation

UNO Camping Weekend: Red Day 1


1. From bend in the big trail left of marsh and up the spur.
2. Fairly straight, over the spur after the marsh and up the hill.
3. Didn't see the mapped beaver dams, and went right of the pond complex, following the wall for a bit between Bottom Dreg and the marsh, then R of the knoll at the corner of Bottom Dreg and across. Left of top of knoll before control, seeing the big rock above me when I went by and straight in.
4. +03:00Right of blue and yellow marshes, bearing from northern stone wall end, but drifted S a bit and crossed marsh near blue and yellow. Looked for stream heading NW, but missed it and milled around a bit, before finding big rock in the stream 50 M east of control and in.
5. R of green marshes, then on compass to marsh NE of control and in.
6. Fairly straight, checking off yellow marsh before Mymeeba Pond, then big rocks near NE tip of pond, then drift right a bit and up by the two dry ponds and in.
7. S to bike trail then W on trail to E edge of large knoll S of Mymeeba, down east edge of spur to marsh and in.
8. +15:00On compass and across hilltop, but got distracted when I thought I saw a flag. Milled around for a while checking knolls then headed S-ish for stone wall. Finally hit it SE of small pond and attacked from pond. No good. Up to stone wall end at open area and attacked from there. Nada. Ran into Mary Jo and chatted her up a bit, then back to the stone wall/open area and walked on compass and pace to a small knoll. Nope. Finally heard Mary Jo yelling a bit further south and she had it. Would I ever have found it?
9. Nice route, on compass across the big marsh, past the blue control 100 M or so SW, between the rocky knoll and the green and straight to it.
10. +01:00Drifted S through the marsh, and then decided just to go to the road. Road past crest of hill and back N, but too far up the hill at first. Saw Suzanne Federer at the control.
11. +01:00Should have run the road a bit. Went almost straight across and found it slow going.
12. Road to the bend, then in and hit trail bend near small building and easy from there.
F. Trail to the right.

Total Time Lost - 00:20:00

Split Analysis

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