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Race Evaluation

2007 USOF Convention and Colorado 5-Days: blue day 2


1. very hesitant out of the start
2. Climbed up to high leaving the 1st control then dropped to low to the trail. should have stayed high all the way around.
3. +00:15Followed edge of clearing (not on trail) to the end. Hit the cliff to the north where there was a control and had to back track.
4. +00:05The line went through the first building so I was confused that there was building on the map. finally ignored it and ran to right of pond.
5. I was reading the description for the next control so was looking for a depression in the cliffs. I didn't loose any time as I figured it was between the cliffs. Just kept climbing and looking behind each cliff until I found it.
6. Long run and I was hesitant. It was taking a long time to get there.
7. +00:45First water stop was on the way to 7. There was a choice of two. I meant the hit the right one but came out between the two. It took me 45 seconds to get the water stop. Very poor course setting. Straight from the water stop.
8. At my firsts power gel. I was walking while eating. Hit the bottom of the spur which was cliff. Had to run around to get to the top.
9. straight
10. +00:10O-boy, what a climb up the hill. I was sucking wind big time at the top. Hit the top of the reentrant and had to drop back down.
11. +00:20Straight. I though about going left around but it didn't look like it would save time. I think it would have.
12. Trail ended at the marsh, ran up the marsh then joined the trail again. By the dam. Up to the spur/clearings and up the hill to the control. Mikhail Conradi caught me here. He made up 6 minutes on me.
13. straight.
14. straight. Mikhail ahead of me and there was a crowd of people at the control.
15. I was right of the water and had to cut back. Mikhail leaving the water as I approached. This was the last I saw of him. Ate my second power gel. Caught the trail and intended to take it to the dam again but instead cut at the bend and contoured around to the control.
16. straight, using the fence/trail bend as my attack point.
17. By the building and up the reentrant. Probably quicker to contour more right as it avoided climb. Caught Michael Lyons.
18. Straight. There was water way off to the right and no where near where people were running. Again, bad course setting not to have water at the controls. Punched just behind Michael still. He had a better appraoch to the control.
19. Cut left of line and drifted to close to the road. No problem getting there. Tried to run hard as the race almost over.
21. straight. It was a long way down. I don't know if the trail was any better running.
F. Forced myself just to keep running. Nothing left in the tank. Overall, I was pleased with my run.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:35

Split Analysis

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