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Race Evaluation

Canadian Championships 2007 Saskatchewan: 10


1. N on the trail for a little way, then in carefully. Got confused immediately, but then sorted things out. Wil Smith caught up, I had been thinking that he must have made up a couple of minutes already, but it turned out he had gotten very lost right out of the triangle and I had caught him.
2. Continued parallel to Wil, both of us navigating independently.
3. A little more following on my part on this leg. Considered trying to just stick to Wil, but figured I'd be completely lost if I fell off the back.
4. Drifted so far N that I hit the E-W trail, followed that to the junction and had a good attack point.
5. Passed Mike Minium going through the valley.
7. Decided to go W to hit the ride and take it around, but I was too far to the right and almost missed it.
8. Pretty much straight, attacked from the high ground.
9. Attacked from the junction E of the control, but I right turned into the depression NNE of the control and spent some time in there being confused.
10. S to ride, E to junction, S to what I thought was a good attack. Headed in, got lost, decided to bail out, and stumbled on the control in the process.
11. Managed to read everything very well on this one and had a nice spike.
12. Feeling confident, and confused by not being able to read the green/yellow, I got myself to the hill NE of the control, knew where I was, but blew the attack, couldn't find the feature, circled around, eventually got to the trail W of the control, took that S to the vegetation bondary to be sure of where I was, went back, circled around again, and finallly got it. Very thick in the nearby depressions.
13. S on the trail to due E of the control, attacked carefully.
15. Attacked from the junction NE of the control, and still bobbled around a bit.
16. NE to trail, adding unneeded distance.
F. High-speed sprint vs. Meghan Rance.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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