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Race Evaluation

OOC Rivière la Pêche, Gatineau Park: Short advanced


1. While I know the pasture is SLO, I still should have taken the field to 1.
2. There is a trail out of centre of pasture W end on map & it sped things up.
3. Playing thru pasture I fell S and spotted trail (53) so used it to the triangular pasture just S of control. Tape is there.
4. S to trail. Deerflies/horseflies are worst on open trail.
5. Best running is between hills enroute.
6. N to trail and ran right past windbreak just like last year argh!
7. Messed up departure S from trail as pasture definition has been lost. I walked through & 'round 7 & 8 target circles as tape has not survived. There is no point in rerunning map w/o flags as there are too many similar features.
9. N to trail through dry marsh but entry S to secondary trail & control is hidden.
F. Tried full out run thru pasture and did full face plant within three strides. Ouch.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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