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Race Evaluation

QOC Beer Chase: loops 123


1. Missed part of the opening discussion as they started without me. I was the meet director and didn't get to the hear all the discussion. Anywhere there was forking every other control. I was one of the first off the drinking line behind Dave Onkst and Dan Quinn. We went the correct way while some others went a different way. Jon Torrance passed me on the way. Third at the first control.
2. Looked at the map and there was window control drawn and not a fork. Didn't know what we were suppose to do. Go to every control or skip one? I oved really slow as didn't know what to do. Called out for directions and finally Ken Walker let me know we just had to go to one. Figured out later that the map courses were printed as windows and not forks. Fell back several places. Didn't go to what I thought was the best fork as I followed people.
4. Went to the close #4. Ran by the far number 4 on my way to 5. Seemed silly. Calves already really bothering me know.
5. Not in any hurry anymore. Pretty much by myself now.
6. Went to the close #6 so I could avoid some climb going to seven. Hit the hill side and turned right. I ran by two reentrants and there wasn't a control. There was only one reentrant on the map. I said screw this and went to the other number six which was in the green. Got there just ahead of some other poeple.
7. At this point I am not hurrying the slightest. Map poor, my calves hurt and no one around. Somehow I screwed this one up. I saw Nadim running perpendicular to where I was and wondered where is he going. He was going the next control. Oh well.
8. Andy Strat passed me and ran away from me.
9. Made up ground on Any at the beer split.
10. Followed Andy to trail not on map to control.
11. Ran off slight off expecting to hit a trail but never did. Finally came out way right and had to correct. Very disappointed to go to a repeat control.
15. Eddie passed me.
16. Eddie ran away. I wasn't taking a very good bearing into the green. Came out in clearing area that wasn't on the map. There was a dot know by it that wasn't on the map. Wandered around and finally bailed out to the left trail. Relocated on the trail and guess what, it took me to the exact same spot in the clearing. This time bailed out to the other trail. Attack put me on the other side of green where the control was and could see it this time. Clearing was by the other "dirt wall". Didn't see anyone pass me this whole time but a lot of people did.
17. Chose the right control which was mishung. It was 100-150 meters off. With Dave Onkst and Tom Strat. Tom and I gave up and headed to the other control. Dave went towards the road. Tom and I came across the mishung control. punched it and ran on. Yelled to Dave but he was out of ear shot.
19. Drank quick but slow to punch.
20. Tom was ahead of me and I didn't care. Decided to go ahead and catch up with Tom and run with him. Hobbled after him
22. Caught up with Tom. Then we went into the wood and all motivation to run was gone.
23. Followed Tom.
24. Tom slow in green and I caught up to him again. He didn't remember this was a repeat control and tried to navigate to where it was instead of running to where it was hung. Passed him.
25. This time is wrong. I actually waited for Tom Strat so the drink would be exiting.
F. I waited and waited. so Tom could win. To bad they didn't post him ahead of me.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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