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Race Evaluation

QOC Beer Chase: loops 123


1. I wasn't all that quick with a beer. I was lined-up on the left a bit and ran off around the house before falling in with the crowd. I pushed with Clem to get ahead of a pack that I thought would slow down in the forest. In the woods, it was mob orienteering. After a little while, I figured that the pack was going too far right so I went left a bit. Ted had done this independantly too and as often is the case, he was ahead of me. The pack cut back left a bit and I made-up some ground. I was running faster than I was navigating toward the end and made sure to hang on to the group. Ted, Clem and I believe Ken were just ahead.
2. I trailed Ted and a bit later was a bit surprised to see Clem almost sitting down. He was fixing or tying his shoe. He came flying past soon after. I wasn't paying much attention to the navigation but recognized the disturbed ground from having raced over it a few years ago.
3. I started dropping off the pace a bit. Ted was still ahead. Kenny(?) cut right a bit at the road and others had gone up that way ahead of him. Ted headed almost immediately for the reentrant. I started to go high like Kenny but realized that I would have to drop down anyway and climb back to get to higher ground. If I'd taken the high route, I also would have had to run through the light green. I opted to chase Ted again even though I'd lost a bit more time being indecisive. I made it up later when Ted's feet sank in an unexpected bog. I went part way up a deer track on the steep side and was right behind Ted again as we got to the control.
4. Going to the left fork didn't make any sense to me since it was longer. When I saw Ted going that way, I wondered why. He reads and navigates faster than I so I suspected he saw something about getting to the next leg that I didn't know about. I cut right and proceded to spike the right control on the fork but as I did, I wondered if Ted realized that the box around the two forked controls was not a window where both were required like in the Susquehannah Stumble.
5. I ran a bit left, high on the first reentrant to avoid climb, then went straight at it and spiked it. Others were visible along the way but I'm not sure who they were.
22. Up the road fast to stay ahead of Jan and his friend. I was glad not to have to stumble through the green triangle again.
23. I was trying not to let the beer make errors in judgement and ascertaining whether or not I was feeling dizzy like last year. I'd seen the control on my warm-up earlier.
24. I saw the option to go straight rather than use the trails but doing that didn't make any sesnse to me. I was surprised at how hard the trail after the barn was to follow.
25. I kept looking for the path of least resistance, trying not to get too close to the river bank where it was likely to be thicker. I stumbled right to the control.
F. Well that was unexpected. I did rush the beer split to avoid getting caught by Jan Merka whom I knew not far back. I guess I was thirsty. I note that Dann Quinn was also able to get this in 8 seconds; on my first Beer Chase, I just edged him out by navigating the loop better but drinking slower. I must be improving my swilling ability.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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