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Race Evaluation

US Team Trials: Brown


1. Generally followed the red line to the trail, then tried to contour around the spur to the bag. Ended up way too wide and to the west, and hit the smaller, curved trail. Followed the trail to the low ground, and followed that in to the bag.
2. West to trail, trail NW to the small, tight saddle, then compass work SW to the bag. No problems.
3. Got a little confused in the terrain close to #3. I was NE of the bag (close to the two small hills near the trail, I believe). Was deciphering the terrain when I saw Claire Dell approaching me from the west. That drew my attention to the west, when I found the bag.
4. East, down the spur, crossing two trails and stopping at the third. South to the bike trail, then SE then N between the two ponds. E and then N along the high ground to the bag.
6. E to bike trail, N to the northern trail junction (of the trail triangle), E to bag.
7. Took minor trail between big ponds. Followed rocky ground to first small marsh, hopped SW to larger marsh, then south to bag.
8. Generally E of red line, lots of up/down until final low ground, then SW to bag.
9. Followed trails to an attack point on the open, high trail just west of the bag. Climbed down to punch.
10. Climbed back out of big depression, took trails and open ground from here on out.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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