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Race Evaluation

West Point A-Meet: Green-1


1. +02:00Awful start to weekend. Remote Start position was in line with line to #2 and off I went, never seeing circle for #1. Made it about 3/4 to 2 before realizing blunder, with some very unflattering self words. Back and into control as Glen punched (2'+ loss to him).
2. +00:30Followed Glen but more to L trying to avoid blueberry but got into junk instead.
3. Straight to correct rock complex but which rock? Went around one and then found it on the second.
4. +08:00Boom #2 - Headed diagonally up hill, into saplings working off a cliff that seemed to line up. At top, compass and map would not line up. And even the sun would not cooperate! Frustrating. Moved a bit to get away from the "iron" rocks. Still wouldn't work. Somehow had mentally swung around the land and pictured everything 180 out. Finally saw Weyant's Pond as a landmark and reluctantly headed off the wrong way. Got to the ride and things started to work out.
6. +01:30Down hill along spur to R of line till could see road, but too far R and had to swing back quite a way and up a bit.
7. +01:00Road around, cutting across marsh as road started to climb only to have to climb over spur watching Walter run by on the road. Up road to corner, around spur and up and in.
8. Down road to bend, below cliff, around green crossing stream at cliff on spur. Through green to old road, along and around big cliffs, up reentrant and up small reentrant to R thinking might be easier in.
9. +02:30Wanted to avoid line of cliffs so started off to L, dropping down only to hit marsh at nose of hill. Stuck with trying to work along between marsh and cliffs. Straight across from the top of marsh, R of 2nd marsh, thru saddle, across stream and up aiming for spur half way up as attackpoint. Then fairly flat and straight in.
10. Contoured along hillside staying high until over nose and dropped down hitting road at trail. Road to just after bend, climb up towards spur and over to bag.
11. +01:00Should dropped straight down to trail, but went above rocky ground and down long reentrant to trail

Total Time Lost - 00:16:30

Split Analysis

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