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Race Evaluation

West Point A-Meet: Green-1


4. Over the hill to the swamp.
6. +02:30Read the saddle as being higher than it was so when I saw the control from above, I didn't think it was mine. Couldn't relocate along the hillside so just decided to go down and check the control. Also couldn't see the open area that should have been next to the saddle.
7. +03:00Got to the trail and turned left instead of right. Ran for a 100-200 meters before realizing my mistake. Then went into the control a little early but quickly went over the hill to the control.
8. +02:00Crossed the trail and tried to follow the low area. There was way more green even up higher and I got caught it in so this is slower than it should be. Seeing Charlie's split, taking the trail was a far better route choice.
9. Slow but fairly good contact.
10. +02:30Helped a kid relocate along the big trail and then got pulled off by another control on a boulder that was lower on the hill.

Total Time Lost - 00:10:00

Split Analysis

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