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Race Evaluation

West Point A-Meet: Green-1


1. A little gingerly out of the start. Going along below and counting re-entrants. Got to the right one and didn't see it, so spent a bit of time looking at it before climbing up.
2. Generally satisfactory route, but looking for the 3.5 m boulder from the clue sheet. This one was (charitably) 1.5.
3. Got sucked up the first stream by the sight of some large boulders, but figured it out quickly and got over to the wrong cluster. I was surprised it was on one of the lower ones, though.
4. One of the more satisfying legs, across the stream and angling up for the low spot, across the power line corner and left of the marsh. Ron Bortz passed me on the hill, so was a bit of a guide, but I really didn't need him. Could see the flag from quite a distance.
5. Straight, checking off the larger cliffs further down the reentrant.
6. Ken Walker up ahead seemed too far left, then went right into the line I liked, stopped and then went on. I followed in and found a stand with no control - for tomorrow's race. With Bob Knepp, looked down the hill and saw it well below.
7. Long slog around. Cut a couple of corners, but very slow going. Switching leads with Bob K. Saw Ken W leaving as I approached.
8. S on the trail to near the bend, then SE under the cliffs to the stream and across, counting cliffs on my left and up the slot before, past the cliffs and up and in. Very satisfying. Seemed to come up a bit quicker than I expected it, but otherwise absolutely fine.
9. +06:00Ouch! Folded the map leaving the control and somehow got it in my head I was going to 10. Headed S until I couldn't make sense of the marsh on my right. Then re-grouped and headed back N along the marsh to where I found Carl Childs. He was heading west, as I did. I was a little put off by the flattish area with all the rocky knolls and ridges before the slope increased near the control, and there were a lot of folks milling around there.
10. +06:00Somehow got it in my head to climb, and climbed too high to stay more or less on the line. Then got badly stuck climbing down through the steep and rocky stuff. Once I got down to the trail milled around for a bit because I wasn't sure if it was the big trail or the little one until I saw the dam. Bob K showed up about then, and I led him and Pavlina in. Flag was higher on the hill than I expected.
11. Moving as well as the knee allowed, on an angle to the trail. Pavlina passed and no hope of staying with her.

Total Time Lost - 00:12:00

Split Analysis

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