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Race Evaluation

West Point A-Meet: Green-1


1. Hesitated briefly.
2. Used the tip of the island as a rough attack point.
4. Very slow and hesitant climbing up the steep overgrown hill side, but managed to hit the marsh right of line and attacked from there. Could see the flag from a mile away. Why place it on the side of the spur that we're coming from?
6. Stopped to check out a flag right on line with no number or e-punch. Punched my map just in case, then proceeded further down right to it.
7. Trail around.
8. +03:00Trail to the marsh, then somehow drifted left, which was compounded by seeing Glen (who had started 6 minutes ahead) even further to the left. He figured it out before me, and was gone.
9. Easy attack from the southeast, following the reentrant right to it.
10. +00:30Very slow traversing the rocky hillside, and then down the other side to the trail-stream crossing. The map didn't seem to match the terrain near the control circle, and the flag was higher than I expected. I went slightly too far before turning uphill. Glen was coming up the hill from below, so I finally passed him.
11. Took a header going down to the trail, and my right calf cramped. Lost maybe 45 seconds hobbling down to the trail before my calf relaxed enough to let me run on it. When I got to the trail, I was chasing Glen to the finish.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:30

Split Analysis

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