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Race Evaluation

ICO Story-Middle Fork: blue


1. easy navigation, but it was difficult running diagonally down a steep hill with lots of greenbriar & deadfall. My feet kept catching. Control was high, out of the top of the reentrant & I actually wondered if it was really mine until I checked the code.
2. fairly fast & fairly direct, no problem.
3. probably my fastest leg, climbed to trail, ran trail & fast running down a pretty open ridge to the pines (vegetation boundary).
4. Hesitated
doglegged out of 3 back up the hill & down the other side. beginning to lose a little speed... some due to vegetation, but mostly due to lack of physical conditioning.
5. short leg but uphill & sidehill. I definitely need to do hill & speed work.
6. up-down-up. considered the longer, flatter around route, but it would have added a lot of distance, not all on trail.
7. Bad route choice
Did not follow plan
Not thinking clearly
Lacked concentration
down-up-down-up. beginning to feel the hills. Probably should have had more breakfast than a yogurt & OJ. Poor decision on route,,, started northeast planning to avoid middle hill, but then went east & pretty direct anyway.
8. Tired
Not thinking clearly
Lacked concentration
took the high route, but lost focus & almost took the wrong ridge. On this map, running the twisting ridges can be challenging; you have to stay alert.
9. Tired
up-down-up. pretty straight. just tired. lack of water on the course was probably a factor by now too.
10. Tired
up to trail, ran trail south then down to creek & followed creek valley. had to climb over some deadfall, but there really wasn't a better way... sidehills here are too steep to move quickly across them. The control was a gem. "Middle of deep reentrant". We're talking extreme-O or commando-O caliber here.
11. Tired
up to the trail, ran trails... almost missed the one cutoff which was very overgrown & partly blocked off. It looked rough, so I actually ran past it & then cut thru the woods, which probably turned out not to be any faster.
F. Tired
forced the legs to a final sprint to the finish.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:20

Split Analysis

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