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Race Evaluation

HVO A-Meet: Green - Day 1


4. +02:00After spiking the first three controls, I got a little careless heading towards the circle and wound up on the spur just north of the one I wanted. When I obviously had gone too close to the marsh, I came back for it.
5. +05:00Went right to the spot, checked a three meter boulder but no flag. I think I was probably leaning on the correct boulder as I scanned the terrain, but never looked behind it. (It was a spikey thing that seemed almost attached to the cliff.) Went back a ways to relocate, then came back to the spot and found it. I didn't like this control placement or clue.
6. +02:00Missed left and hit the trail. Then back.
10. +07:00Lost contact and was looking for it way too far. Relocated at the stream more than half way to 11.
11. +02:00Missed left and then didn't find it right away tucked up in the green.
12. +06:00Who knows what I did. Relocated way NE of the control. My brain had totally shut down, from heat and frustration, just sort of refusing to do what it was supposed to be doing. Weird, and sort of scary.

Total Time Lost - 00:24:00

Split Analysis

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