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Race Evaluation

Camp Mack: Red


1. around, get to the right contour, look for rock features and off the big cliff
3. straight to top of first ridge to building, contour around to trail, down to junction, then off bend and between the rock features. Considered the long trail run along the river and in the backdoor. Had I not run yesterday and was fresher may have gone that way
4. Bad route choice
straight, aim off of trail junction, then attack from trail junction. Was confused by what looked like unmapped trail. Trail around was better route.
5. over the top
6. south of trail junction found platform, contoured high of medium green, then off platform in upper part of big white reentrant.
7. +01:30Slog up the hill, run the ridge, and off the trail bend. Control was mishung. Lost between 1 and 2 min looking for it just to be sure, even though I found platform right away.
8. straight off green and platform
9. straight
10. Took a chance
Underrated difficulty
Not thinking clearly
Lacked confidence
up ridge, down east west trail, attacked off bend, missed, back to trail, attacked off platform, missed (turns out it was an unmapped platform I mistaked for the mapped one), then found mapped one and got it. Vegetation did not seem accurately mapped. There also seemed more contour detail in the terrain than on the map. Should have used a safer attack point by watching the contour detail on the north of the trail rather than relying on finding a bend on that winding trail. Control looked like a run breaker and I was not careful.
12. +00:15hit about 50m high
13. count the ripples

Total Time Lost - 00:08:15

Split Analysis

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