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Race Evaluation

Camp Mack: Red


1. right avoiding climb, off sharp spur
3. +02:00up to right of building then contour to within 200m, missed the bag left
4. a little left of straight avoiding climb, Randy gets there as I drink
5. far enough left to see the platform
6. +03:40saddle, contour and ended higher than I thought, rattled around some before getting down to it
7. +09:30off 'indistinct trail' bend 200m ene using contour detail, nailing it but no bag - now is this me or is it Mehi? Guessed wrong and headed west (figuring I was one platform e) to trail and back, then down to platform, boulder and trails and back, decided I was here and it wasn't
8. 7 looked good from here
9. +02:50got sucked too high, reelocated at trail bend 90m nw
10. almost straight ne to trail jct, 280m down trail to correct bend then contour
12. contour
13. up about 2 contours, accross tops of ditches to road then slowly ascended 2 contours in last 250m
14. contour to trail, could see it once I passed house 100m sse

Total Time Lost - 00:18:00

Split Analysis

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