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Race Evaluation

Mid Atlantic Champs: Blue


1. Took the trails. They were so rocky and leaf covered that it was just downright dangerous.
2. straight.
3. Decided to take the road around because of better footing. This way I could also compare it to the red runners who had the same control as their first one. Road to start, then straight down the hill.
4. Straightish, going up hill to avoid the green.
5. Up to the road to the bend. cut across to the trail.
6. +00:20West to the trail, to trail junction, down trail. Cut in too early, oops.
7. Hesitated
Took the trail to where it crossed the stream sort of. Kept hesitating because wasn't sure.
8. Trail to the right, then cut in. No problems, just slow.
9. straight
10. Hesitated
streamered trail to big trail. Along power line, cut in and got confused on new trails in there. Eventually got on small trail heading towards control. It really did end. Right to control but slow again.
11. straight
12. straight. I think this is where I first saw Nadim. Boy is he fast in the woods.
13. straight. Nadim is right with me.
14. Straight. Skirt the green some to the right. Nadim is benefitting from by map reading but knowing he is there is making me run harder.
15. Down the hill I go. I was slightly left of control and it was farther down then I expected. Even though there was a crowd of people there I hesitated just running to it.See Tim Good go running off down the hill away from the control.
16. At first I can't decide which way to go. I decide that I would rather take the climb gradually and can always use Tim as an attack point since he is taking the other way. I am still unsure as I hate running on rocks. I say as much to Nadim and just then jam my foot between some rocks, and fall. My right calf cramps up. I hobble across the remaining rocks and watch Nadim run away. I see Nadim cut up hill and think that he is going way to high. I keep going and end up right next to the trail and behold, there is Tim Good, my attack point. I look up and see Nadim at the control. Boy is it a long way up the hill to the control. I was way low.
17. I decide to take the trails around as they are the good trails and should be able to make good time. Apparently I was wrong as everyone beat me on this leg.
18. Straight to power line. Up rocks for first part. Then stuck in the thorns. $%&*? I hate thorns like this. Tim catches me as I finally get out of them. Get to road, down road and cut in. control is lower then I expect.
19. Straight.
F. +00:20DOOAAAAH!. I don't see the big trail as it under my compass and I take a the small trail. Tim smokes me in to the finish. This is becomming habit that I finish right with Tim. At this time he was running red.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:25

Split Analysis

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