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Race Evaluation

Mid Atlantic Champs: Blue


1. straightish - edge of baseball field, platform, twin rocks, thru green, cross trail, collected by rock features, spike
2. +00:10miss slightly right but corrected quickly
3. keep your eye on the ball -- attack off the right trail junction -- little tricky with the leaves, spike
4. Hesitated
little tenative after climbing onto the spur
5. straightish -- road/trail junction -- trail junction -- then down
6. slightly left of line to small reentrant -- handrail along slash and pick up huge rock, spike
7. Not thinking clearly
stay as high as possible as long as possible -- cut over to cliffs on other side -- drift right to trail -- attack off trail bend thru the green. Staying out of the green a bit more on the attack perhaps would have been a tad smarter ...
8. went straight at it and missed by 10m, reading the mountain laurel and slope changes
9. contour, spike.
10. attack off the footbridge, which was mapped, thank you very much
11. Hesitated
off the northwestern trail junction near the distinct tree. Hesitated to make sure it was right junction. Pay attention to the laurel.
12. Confused parallel features
straight using the dark green. Was drawn right by an unmapped rootstock
14. +01:30This one looked like a run breaker. No good attack point. I was having success reading the changes in the laurel today, so my plan was finger of light green laurel to northeast end of dark green. Missed wide right and hit the patch of white woods with the longish boulder. Fortunately figured it out without letting it turn into a run breaker
15. watch your ankles on the rock. Used the small reentrant to the south
16. upper trail, paying 4.5 contours for the privilege. My ankles, legs, and map reading skills were not up to the challenge late in the race for the straight route
17. stright using the distinct contour feature, spike
18. Bad route choice
started to contour around -- hit the powerline pylon -- then thru the green and the rocks, which is almost over the hill anyway.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:35

Split Analysis

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