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Race Evaluation

Flying Pig XI, Day 2, Sprint 2: Sprint 3 (Blue/Red)


1. Took the trails. Attacked from upper trail.
2. Stick poked my eye so it was watering. I had a tough time reading the map as a result. Straight.
3. Straight, across the trail then the field edge around. Cut in a little soon but no problems getting to it.
4. Was at the control before I figured out what I was looking for.
5. Took a few steps the wrong way then corrected. Took the steps down by the building. Going across the field I could see Tom Strat in Front me. Couldn't quite catch him.
6. Up to the road. Passed Tom Strat. Cut the corner at road junction. Just to the left of the finish.
7. Cut through the green. Slightly left of line
8. Around first green to the left then booked up to the control.
9. Kenseya just in front of me and I saw her go into the monument so I didn't have to think about where the control was.
10. Indistinct trail. Passed Kenseya at the control.
11. Hesitant leaving. Too many lines leaving the control. Cut right of line, passed road, stream t trail. At trail bend I made a concious decision to go up the green instead of the far side of the ditch that was open. Bad decision. I lost a lot of ground getting through the green.
12. Down the right side of the ditch to trail. Angled over to road on the right. That was when i realized the lake was in the way. Went around road to the left.
13. Around lake to the left, up road to the field (cut the corner some). Up field to the rootstock.
14. Left seemed to far. Right had green and if I was going to go green I decided straight was best. I was tired to figured I better stay straight. Went right by 10. Ran behind Dave Onkst who was going to 11. Dave was going the wrong direction (towards 14). I was right and came into the field by the double trees.
F. Ran hard after being heckled for the lack of speedy finish on the first sprint.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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