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Race Evaluation

Flying Pig XI, Day 2, Sprint 2: Sprint 3 (Blue/Red)


1. Conservative pace to avoid screwing up.
2. Still conservative, but drifted a bit right of the line down the hill.
3. +00:05Went around the junk to the right. Ran slightly past the control before cutting in. Didn't realize until just now that it was because the map was 1:4K (I had forgotten that during the race - luckily I don't do nearly as much pace counting / distance estimation during a sprint).
4. Straight at the circle.
5. +00:20Made the mistake of going left of the building - the uncrossable wall to the right scared me and I didn't notice the stairs on the quick look (no pre-look because C4 was so short). Then went left of the shelter and partway up the stairs. I guess I overran the trail, but it didn't really matter because the woods were pretty clean.
6. Took more steps than I had to, but not too bad. Didn't decide to go to the road immediately, then I wasn't sure of where to cut thru the finish line area, even though there was a convenient gap to shoot. And made a late decision to swing a bit right to avoid some of the down and up before the grey star thing.
7. Good reading kept me on a good line.
8. Almost tripped leaving the C7 junk, but stayed up. Aimed right side of stuff near control.
9. Straight at monument - saw someone go inside, so didn't need to look at description. Saved 2 seconds?
10. +00:10Got to indistinct trail (left branch) cleanly, then stayed left on what I thought was the trail, but ended up being a dead end left of control. Knew which way to recover but got just a bit hung up.
11. +00:50Trail led me right out, but in the direction of C14. I thought I was on line so when I crossed the stream, taking a fresh look at the map, the stream to my right seemed like the ditch that led to the control. I stayed left to let the ditch come to me and hit the path, which I thought was the trail, until it turned and crossed the stream. I started walking to my left and before I could relocate completely, I heard some activity further on, and then saw the real ditch. Didn't realize how far right I had been until going over the course with Nate - that's when I figured out that I had put my compass next to the wrong line for a rough bearing leaving C10.
12. +00:20Poorly planned since I did it on the fly after struggling on C11. At first I thought I was going right of the pond, so I started too far right, before hitting the road and realizing I had to go left. Made up some ground on a couple people ahead of me on the road/trail.
13. Angled right off the end of the pond thru the rough open. I really liked this angle, given that I wasn't going to test the medium green.
14. +00:40Stupid route choice (with a capital-S, which is the shape I ran), compounded by changing horses in midstream. I'm convinced my best route was to the right (being afraid of the medium green) but I decided to run around in the field to the left. Running uphill, I said this hurts, so I changed my course by running down the road running across the middle of the leg and around to the right. Nate went right the whole way and beat me by 20 seconds, even though he was out of gas.
F. Knew Nate would have this split, so I ran hard up the hill.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:25

Split Analysis

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