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Race Evaluation

LGOC Lac Mulvihill, Gatineau Park: Short advanced


1. By snowshoes, the only faster legs were those legs that I messed up real bad last year. Took road to turn S down valley and followed correct canyon. Passed animal tracks which I thought were too early but of course the animal was correct.
2. Long journey through deep, wet, heavy snow with NO tracks to follow.
3. Butt ski down to pond & straight on to road intersection, up road toward estate parking lot, E at creek trail. However, trail was not trail any more, just DEEP snow. Gave up on trail and journey along the water course, so slow and difficult.
5. With such deep snow and slow speed, navigation was precise.
6. Because of lack of tracks, circle back on my own tracks and use Trans Canada Trail all the way to road NE of control. Left big dents in skate ski grooming. Started and finished at this control (giant deadfall) because it was closest to parking lot open in winter.
7. Legs 7 & 8 should have been fast because of the road.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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