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Race Evaluation

BOK/US Team Umstead 007: Sunday: Blue M21


1. +00:15Started going on the trail that lead east, but corrected (almost) in time.
2. +00:10Hesitated going up the reentrant, since I did not see the flag.
3. +02:00Did not take a good enough bearing, ended up in the big reentrant behind the control and could not understand what I had done for a while.
5. +01:30I am still not sure if my road route choice was any good. I turned off the road too soon (though that had been my plan) and could not find the control for a while.
7. +02:00Lost any contact with map whatsoever while climbing the slope. Spent some time finding the contact.
9. +00:20Went too far left near the control, almost down to the lake. Corrected quickly.
10. +01:30Guess my brain got fried during the road run because I turned off the road too soon (at the tiny cemetery) and then wandered around before I noticed the big rock before the control.
11. Survival mode kicked in here
12. +03:00Not sure if the road-trail choice was the right one. I ended up going one reentrant too far to the south of the control and spent a few quality minutes there.
13. +00:30Wandered around the big reentrant before the control because I didn't spot the flag right away.
17. +01:00Wanted to cross the river at the place with no black lines, chickened out and went around via the bridge.

Total Time Lost - 00:12:15

Split Analysis

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