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Race Evaluation

2012 North American Orienteering Championships: Blue - Sprint


1. Cut through the road corner and then straight. No problem but slow.
2. +00:25Straight to the corner of the vegetation then followed the open path through the hill. Should have probably veer right and follow the road - much faster and no climbing
3. +08:30Just a nightmare! After crossing the road couldn't read anything - no spur, no hill top no trails. Partially due to the scale and partially to trails readability expectations. Found myself next to yurts but attacking from there missed CP again as did not see any trails. Overshoot again to the open field next to cp 14. Got to CP directly from there. Still couldn't read trails at all.
4. Strait to the point through a couple of wooden platforms I identified and only at that point I realized that brown trails are actually not paved and very indistinct.
5. Straight , leaving building on the right. Should have take right choice I think.
6. Used the same path over the hill
7. Straight through.
8. Directly to CP.
9. Straight shoot.
10. Straight shoot.
11. Kept lower, close to the swamp until crossed the brown path after which started climbing directly to cp.
12. Directly to the corner of the swamp and to CP.
13. Straight passing the ruins.
14. Direct hit without even ability to see the path turn or path itself for the same matter.
15. Strait to the point. Only now I can see the cliff sign in front of the CP. During the race it caught me by surprise.
16. Straight passing building on the left, court on the right and swamp on the left.
17. veered left passing two yurts.
18. Straight shoot.
19. Straight shoot.
20. +00:10Straight shoot. When leaving 19 I misread the clue for the last one as 146. When found 145 hesitated for some time before confirming the number.
F. I'm glad It's over!!!

Total Time Lost - 00:09:05

Split Analysis

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