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Race Evaluation

2012 North American Orienteering Championships: Blue Long


1. +01:30Actually dialed in the bearing for the first time in about a year. Did wrong and 180ed out from the start triangle. Relocated off a control placed at a root stalk NE of my point
2. +02:00Originally planned to attack the point from the top, but changed plans halfway to the point and took a trail to the south and contoured to the point
3. Just followed a compass bearing
4. Compass bearing, then dropped down between hilltops and hit the point dead-on.
5. Followed a compass bearing again
6. Compass bearing
7. +01:00Took the ridgeline after running on a side slope for a while. Should have used the reentrant though.
8. Counted reentrants and hit the hill top to the SW
9. +00:10Drifted left.
10. +10:00Poor decision making on this point. Changed plans halfway through and went for a riskier route. Ended up hitting the trail thinking that I was somewhere to the E of the point so I ran W, which was the complete wrong way. After going over what I thought was the hill N of the point I realized something was wrong and ran E on the trail.
11. I was really pleased with this point. I don't contour very often because I hate side slopes, but i thought I might give it a shot for this point. Hit the plateau W of the point and nailed it.
12. +00:30Should have gone up to the trail and cut over.
13. +16:00I planned on running to the trail and then following that up to the trail just S of the gravel mound and going off trail from there. It should have been a pretty solid plan, but I botched the execution badly. Ended up missing a trail intersection and then the trail just disappeared. Instead of going straight north like I should have I ended up going too far E. Didn't know exactly where I was until I saw people running the opposite direction and realized I was at point 14. Was concerned I might have gone off the map.
14. +01:00Went up the wrong hill. Should have paid more attention to the map.
15. +00:30Hesitated once I got into the reentrant.
16. Straight forward.
17. Weird point.
18. +02:00Really tired. Drifted left and hit the swamp to the NE of the point. Went around the long way and took the trail to the point
19. +03:15Took a bearing like I was going from 19 to 20. Realized about 200m into my incorrect route that something wasn't right. Corrected. Also hesitated upon reaching the reentrant north of the point.
20. Straightforward. Got really tired though.
21. Decided to go east around Stuckey Pond and nailed the point. This is the first time I drank water on the course, which was probably a a poor choice (waiting until point 21, drinking water was necessary at that point). Couldn't remember If i punched though, and was worried I mispunched for the rest of the course.
22. +01:00Hesitated trying to decide whether I should go back and repunch 21.
23. straightforward
24. straightforward
25. straightforward
26. +01:00hesitated
F. +00:10Beat by tank again

Total Time Lost - 00:40:05

Split Analysis

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