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Race Evaluation

2012 North American Orienteering Championships: Blue Long


1. past the marsh on the right and kept straight until reached the other side of the closest marsh and then followed it's edge for 30m.
2. left uncrossable swamp on the right , followed the depression until crossed the trail then started climbing diagonally, left the top hill on the right and started descending. Read the open field on the spur above the control. Got it right away.
3. +02:00Tried to make it straight but found myself about 50m east from the control. Instead of correcting to the west kept going in the reentrant to the east until found the stone wall. Shoot to the CP from there. Just realized that newly bought silva compass is missing a bulb already. Did not even had a chance to use it. SUCKS!!!
4. strait between two hill tops.
5. straight to the edge of the hill.
6. directly to CP
7. Followed the reentrant until the end of the hill top on the left.
8. +00:45Overshoot to the west a little. Found the small hill top but did not see a CP. Corrected myself.
9. +02:00Got distracted buy trash piles taped around and ran ~45" west for about 150m. Saw the control even farther to the north but couldn't resist to check the number. Sure enough - not mine.
10. veered left from bearing to use the road/trail. Reached it just in front of the middle lake. Followed the trail until the sharp turn on the west side of the lake closest to the CP. Then strait with some contour eating.
11. +01:30Clean run directly to the boulder. Even saw it passing but did not see the CP. Continued may be other 70m before turning back.
12. +00:30Climbing directly to CP with some hesitation on lower terrace as there was a swamp there.
13. Chosen to use the trail on the west. Got there as planned then followed it until the small swamp on the right. Then shoot to the road and followed it to the sharp turn above the CP. Struggled with bushes for a little but got there just fine.
14. tried to avoid fight with bushes veered to the south and ran behind both ponds.
15. +00:20Got directly to the right reentrant but hesitated a little there as expected to find the CP lower then it was.
16. +00:30Got in the area of CP just fine but couldn't read vegetation boundaries there. Found it after all.
17. +00:20Did not see the first trail on the map so when crossing it thought it was the big one already. Hesitated again as was looking for trail junction but then saw the knoll and everything cleared.
18. +00:20Strait up to the CP avoiding the very hill tops. Worked just fine. A little of hesitation before the last drop down to the CP.
19. Straight down and up through the reentrant just under the CP.
20. +00:15Another straight run with some hesitation just in front of CP
21. Left the lake on the right, crossed the ridge directly to CP.
22. Clean straight run here looking for stone wall as stopping linear object.
23. Straight there.
24. After crossing the creek was running into the west hill top but then corrected myself.
25. Direct hit.
26. Started looking for control a little earlier than needed but no time lost there.
F. Spurt to the finish.

Total Time Lost - 00:08:30

Split Analysis

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