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Race Evaluation

2012 North American Orienteering Championships: Blue Long


1. +06:30Started warm, so I took off pretty quick. Forgot it was 1:15000, so my distance estimation was off. Got caught up a swamp too short and never read the streams. Took too many chances guessing relocation. Should have gone slower and focused on map.
2. +01:30Shook off 1 and refocused. Still wasn't used to scale and had no clear attackpoint. Overshot and ended up too far right... circled back and got it.
3. Spiked. Got really in touch with the contours.
4. Came up over the saddle to the east of the point and attacked right to it. Spiked.
5. Was a bit tentative when I got into the circle, and slow on the sideslope, but spiked.
6. Spiked, slower, read ahead rather than focused on speed.
7. Ridge the whole way, spiked. Water stop #1.
8. Familiar with area from errors on 2. As I hit the reentrant I located the small hill (attackpoint) and spiked control.
9. +00:15Started to focus on planning 9-10 and forgot to focus on 9. Had to reread and improvise an attackpoint as I went up the hill. Got lucky. Watered up for the long leg.
10. Really liked my plan. True CAR method. Knew I could find the hill the control was on, so backplanned what looked like the easiest route (white woods). Ran between the two large marshes to the road. Memorized the terrain to the control and planned 11 as I ran east along the road to the first trail. Saw Tucker turn onto it about 100m ahead and picked up motivation. Was determined to pass him by the time I hit the woods. Speed down trail to small trail, down that to where it turns and hopped over the ridges to the last trail. Over the hill and spiked it. Super stoked. Water #3, 3 big cups. Also, noted that the Swedish guy that started 6 min behind me and passed me at 2 was entering from another direction as I left the control. Full of confidence.
11. +00:45Deceivingly low point. Ended up higher, but realized it too late. Conscious of the other guy, so I was pushing too hard and not running my course. Pace count saved the day and stopped me from making a larger error. The other guy seemed to be following me, because as soon as I turned, he turned and we both got to the control at the same time.
12. +01:00Took a nasty fall on the rock leaving the control. Knee bounced on the rock three or four times. Lost at least a minute by walking it off towards 12. Shook my concentration and prevented a solid plan to 13 from forming. Wanted water here.
13. +03:00Although I didn't do poorly on this leg, this is what lost the race for me. My flow had been shaken and couldnt get it back. My lack of plan took me around the east end of the pond (1:00 lost, west I could have popped onto a trail and made my plan while easy running). Shot north and just ran/walked. Elevation and green wore me out and ended my competitive chances. Ended up at Stucky pond worn out. SHOULD have shot left to NE running trail that starts by large pond to the NW and taken that at trail run pace to my re-entry point at Stucky pond. Saw the Swedish dude again and got a burst. Stuck to plan of going east along path then north through pines and downhill, then to stream and attacking in going east. Ran into Tank. Water #4, 4 large cups. (this is where I will start counting some water as error time, I was not nutritionally or hydrationally prepared for this race, should have brought 2+ gels and had better breakfast and hydration/Vitalyte)
14. +05:30Didnt plan ahead again. Also affected by running near Tank. Poor compass work and poor rough map led me to climb the hill south of the control and lose a lot of time. Mentally started to break, errors started compounding.
15. +01:00Shaken up, no plan again. Got parallel reentrants confused and lost time.
16. +00:15Shook it off relatively well. Sold plan to the right of the cliff, but didn't read control and attacked the open ground, not the pine vegetation boundary.
17. +00:30Didnt read too closely, felt like I was getting flow back, so I took off too quickly. Relocated fine and hit it.

Total Time Lost - 00:20:15

Split Analysis

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