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Race Evaluation

2012 North American Orienteering Championships: Middle - Blue


1. +01:00Moved stright but not fast enough. Hesitated for a minute may be when saw two controls 50-70 meters from mine. Checked both numbers just in case.
2. Was about 30 meters to the west from cp when found stone wall , corrected myself and got it.
3. Followed the hill until stone wall then ran along it before the drop started, then cut to CP.
4. Pretty much strait with original diviation to west but the corrected and got to the t-cross of stone walls. Short cut after that.
5. Strait down and up, then followed the hill top for 50m then down to CP.
6. +00:30Strait , right side of the pond, hesitated as started looking for control too early. Fine but on a slow side.
7. Stright from one opening to another.
8. Stright to the point.
9. Followed the wall to control.
10. Stright - no problem.
11. Up, down into reentrance , crossed the hill directly to CP.
12. Strait line, crossed the creek climbed the hill and followed the ridge until crossed the stone wall , then dropped a little to reentrance until found the CP.
13. +00:30Deviated to the south and got to the open field. Hesitated for the moment until was able to read the depression on the map i needed to cross before reaching the CP.
14. Just a strait shoot.
15. +00:30Saw the trail when was crossing the open field. Wanted to follow it until the sharp turn but somehow missed it and ran too far. I think i stopped myself when was already perpendicular to cp. Cut from there.
16. Strait - no problem.
17. Strait, jump over stone walls.
18. Straight, passed the builder on the right as already was able to see another, bigger one.
19. Up, up, up. Followed the hill for a little and then up again to the wall top.
20. Straight.
F. Final spurt.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:30

Split Analysis

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