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Race Evaluation

US Ski Orienteering Championships, Day 2: Blue


1. The route is here.
2. Nikolay passed me halfway. I looked where he went, and changed my route, too—his seemed to have less climb on his.
3. I tried a dotted trail. Lost it. Returned to the main trail.
5. Bad route choice
I should have taken a dotted trail without loss of elevation. But, instead, I stayed on a main trail longer, and tried shortcutting two contours up just before the control. As soon as I left the trail, I planted my face firmly in the snow, and it took forever and many failed attempts to extricate.
8. Bad route choice
I tried shortcutting again, oblivious to the lesson I should have learned—thought it'd be OK downhill. Sank and fell. Exricated and found some better snow, but then the snow ended and all I had was pine cones and fallen trees. So I took off the skis (took forever), ran (no time), and put the skis back on (in decent time).
9. Bad compass work
I took a longer route because the climb seemed more gradual (was passed in the process by Barbie and a little girl). It all went well until I got to the dotted trail to the control. The trail did not seem to go at the correct angle (I carried no compass), and there was only one instead of two, so I went through the woods at what I thought was the correct angle. There was no "other" trail there. Fortunately, did not fall.
10. From here on, I picked it up and finished, moving well under my goal of twice the best time.

Total Time Lost - 00:07:10

Split Analysis

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