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Race Evaluation

ICO Robb Hill: Orange


3. Lost a couple of minutes on this one. I intended to attack to the north from the bend in the road, but I reentered the woods from the road too early, and made a 90-deg error, running east in the wrong reentrant rather than north. The next compass check revealed the error. I ran north across the ridge and relocated.
5. Ran north to the large trail. Looking again after the race (and talking to Karan), I see that running up the narrow spur would probably have been just as effective.
6. The sun was bright and low in the sky. Visibility was wierd on this southbound leg. Lots of squinting, and very stark shadows everywhere.
7. Ran SE to the road to bypass the two reentrant systems. From the road intersection, a clean SW run back to the control.
8. Didn't care for this leg. There was no reason to take us all the way down to the bottom of the ridge.
9. A similarly poor leg. No route choice. Had to run alongside a busy state highway.
10. Climing out of the reentrant from 9 was very slow.
12. Again, a pointless leg, all the way to the bottom of the ridge again, for no reason.
F. Had to climb all the way back up to the ridge top for the finish. No dramatic run-in today!

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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