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Race Evaluation

WCOC Five Ponds meet: Red


1. +01:30Went out a little overeager and over-optimistic and failed to plan approach. Wound up overrunning control and winding up on intermittent trail to N.
2. +00:15Still over-optimistic, this time expecting intermittent trail to somehow wind through green. At least recognized solid approach down reentrant W of flag.
3. More or less on line. Picked up cairn N of flag. Agree that flag actually on unmapped nub to SW of mapped feature.
4. Down reentrant, cutting in towards flag under knoll to S of cliffs.
5. +01:20Plan was to run SW to trail, but kept getting swept right. Eventually just headed due S in frustration. Trail much more meandering than anticipated. Then tried to cut corner by inlet of pond, but left a bit too soon and wound up fighting unnecessarily through vegetation.
6. Northern trail option. Attack from trail intersection.
7. Back to eastern trail option, then along slope of reentrant. Running trail to bend surely would have saved a few seconds.
8. +00:45Ran back past wall segment seen on approach, then on compass, but wound up too far W. Thought I should be able to see boulder on fairly open slope, but nothing visible. Headed back NE contouring along slope and found flag much closer to trail than it appeared on map.
9. E of pond on trails and W from trail intersection.
10. Back to trail around pond. Was worried about attack and went all the way until stream visible, but feel this wasted time. Found boulder strewn reentrant (appearing somewhat more prominent than expected) and followed it as it turned to W.
11. +00:30Hoped to go just E of green to trail, then around swamp to W, but wound up too far E and went around swamp on other side.
12. +01:30Was apparently way too concerned about marsh to E of #11 and picked way all the way S to trail running S of small pond. Eventually made more intelligent decision to just bomb E to Beaver Pond, but still didn't execute well and wound up losing time detouring N of standing water mapped as small marsh.
13. A bit hesitant for some reason.

Total Time Lost - 00:05:50

Split Analysis

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