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Race Evaluation

WCOC Five Ponds meet: Red


1. Slight hesitation leaving the trail.
2. I knew from past runs here that the trail would be fastest. Took it all the way around the bend to the open area.
3. Came to the cairn, then headed south. Flag was probably further south then shown on the map, but I didn't hesitate since I saw it from a distance.
4. Slight hesitation at the cliff just northeast of the circle.
5. Due west to the trail, then past the start/finish. Caught up to Steve R. at the control.
6. Around on the main trail to the north. Slight bauble at the intersection where I went SSW instead of SW, then cut over the the right trail. Couldn't have cost more then 10 seconds. Punched ahead of Steve who was attacking from the other side of the knoll.
7. +00:15Straight, cutting between trails a bit right of line and came in too far right. Quick correction.
8. Boulder, if you can call it that, was closer to the trail than mapped.
9. Trail along the east side of pond.
10. Straight, and walking up the hill, but nailed it.
11. +00:15 Right of line to trails, attacking from the bend. Came in a bit left, and hit little NE-SW stone wall, quickly corrected. Contours didn't seem right in relation to the stone walls.
12. +01:56Straight across marsh, then the southern end of the trail, then to the main trail just north of the intersection. Then went straight to the finish and thought I was done. Stood around chatting for 1:56 (by my watch). Discovered I wasn't done and finished the course.
13. Sprinted around the trail loop, as I had just had 1:56 rest.
F. Fun, fast course!

Total Time Lost - 00:02:26

Split Analysis

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