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Race Evaluation

WCOC Five Ponds meet: Red


2. +00:20Headed E out of 1 then ran in white woods along the vertical green. Came in over the top of the cliff which probably cost 20 seconds climbing through boulders to get to the flag.
3. +00:30Bag hung on unmapped knoll a bit further south than the mapped one. Circled once and found it.
5. West to trail, south of Beaver Pond and trails the rest of the way.
7. +01:00Lost track of where I was on the trail and didn't head toward 7 until the trail bend just south of 8.
9. Trail on E side of Heron Pond.
11. +08:00Brain dead. Off by about 45 degrees on the attack from the major trail bend, then looking at every piece of wall in the area except the right one. Not helped by the fact that the vegetation in the area has changed.
12. More or less along the beeline.
13. Considered taking the beeline, but took the trail instead. :-)

Total Time Lost - 00:09:50

Split Analysis

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