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Race Evaluation

WCOC Five Ponds meet: Red


2. +01:00Ran trail to just past the small swampy area.
3. Lost some contact on the way there, not crossing the stream where I had planned. Went to circled hill, no flag, looked around a few seconds and then saw it on the next hill.
4. +00:30Went to cliffs/rocks just down from the control. Looked around a bit and realized what I had done.
5. +01:00Intended to go south to trail and do trail run the entire way. But got off course by the messy woods and went west, above swamp and took long time to get to trail. Then did as planned.
6. Cut across trails then trail run by Teal pond.
7. +01:00Went north to big trail and intended to cut down to big trail south of 7 at trail bend. Was planning routes to future controls and didn't notice when the trail bend occurred. So ended up coming down past 8 to go to 7.
8. Fairly fast cause I had past it although I wasn't running up that hill.
10. Rick and Pavlina past me on this leg. I was going slow cause of the uphill and to stay in contact in the technical area closet to 10. Hit trail at small swamp and went up till I saw the re-entrant the cliff is in.
11. +00:30Hesitating once I got in the circle. I don't like the map in there. Now that I look closer, don't think I saw that it was uphill from swamp.
12. +02:00SE thru swamp to trail then cross country again to large trail. Didn't have much energy at this point. Tried to bushwack into 12 which was a really bad idea--lots of green.

Total Time Lost - 00:06:00

Split Analysis

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