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Race Evaluation

WCOC Five Ponds meet: Red


2. Should have gone back to the trail. Instead went through white corridor near large boulder, then E around slash. Slow terrain.
3. +02:00No problems navigating, but then, no flag at the feature. Checked the hills to the W and NW first, then checked a little unmapped hiccup 30 m SE of the feature, and found the flag.
4. S of Beaver Pond, then on the trail to the E of the pond.
5. Trail run almost the entire way. Saw Pavlina as I was leaving the control.
9. Seemed a toss up between the trail north of Heron Pond, and S & SE of the pond. Took the N option. Seemed fine. Pavlina in sight just behind me most of the way, then saw Susie coming in on the S route while leaving the control.
10. Lost a few seconds heading to the trail S of Heron Pond; Pavi got just ahead of me. Slogged up the hill to 10, punched a second ahead of Pavi, with Susie coming in just behind us.
11. Took route just W of hill going S out of 10; Pavlina went on E side of hill Came out to large trail at same time, a toss up. Left trail to 11 about at the bend, then nothing really looked right. No time lost to speak of, but things just didn't seem quite right. Punched a second behind Pavlina.
12. Took more or less straight option. Pavlina took the trail option to the N. Came to large trail near Beaver Pond and saw Pavi maybe 20 seconds behind on the trail. Feeling pretty righteous, then lost a shoe in a leaf-covered marsh just before the trail. Took 3 tries to pull my shoe out. Now 20 seconds behind Pavlina. But then Pavi goes to 13 before 12, so now back 20 seconds ahead. Overall, a lot of work for 20 seconds.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:00

Split Analysis

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