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Race Evaluation

NEOC: Great Brook Farm: Red


1. Obvious route - out on the big trail, cut into the field, along the field trail until the indistinct trail, and in. Clean.
2. Straight. I picked up the trail leaving the field as an attack point, and left it immediately. Clean.
3. Straight. Spotted my boulder as I was crossing the second trail. A bit of a fight through the vegetation.
4. I attacked with compass from the trail bend in the field, read the contours in the field, crossed the stream, and saw the flag. Clean.
5. Up the hillside to the optimal trail. I attacked from the bend, checked off the wee hills, and ran down into the reentrant. Saw Phil running on the trail. I had forgotten to grab the 1:4k inset of this area, so I navigated on the 1:10 map.
6. +00:15Straight; out to the trail, then down it and down into the reentrant. I hesitated for about 15 seconds to verify I was on the right trail and to read the map.
7. +00:10Straight; I ran a bit right to avoid some of the climb, but that was silly. I hit the pond - hill - trail junction as my attack.
8. +00:10Around to the right of the hill, past the spur with "boulder" (like 5 boulders), hit the depression, and ran up to the correct boulder. 10s hesitation in the circle.
9. +00:20Crossed at the dam and got stuck in the vegetation for about 20s. I ran up to the rock wall junction, then contoured over. Clean.
10. +00:10I hesitated reading the detail a bit, but ran straight - hill, hill, rocky hill, low stuff, trail, control.
11. +00:20Bailed down to the road, crossing the trail, but I wasn't sure where I entered the woods relative to the pond. I slowed to piece things together - that I was where I should be, left of the pond on the hill - and marched down to the control.
12. +00:20I didn't have the best plan - I had oversimplified the contours, so I missed to the left and had to circle back around the hill. Easily 20s.
13. +00:15I'm disappointed to have run this so slowly; I took the optimal trail route. I hesitated for perhaps 15s to confirm I was at the correct trail junction before attacking, but was otherwise clean.
14. Out to the trail, crossed after the stream to second trail, attacked just before the bend and boulder in the lower area, and into the control. Clean.
15. +00:10Straight. Hesitated just outside of the circle to confirm which hill was mine, but the control came into view.
16. +01:00Ran down to the trail, attacked from the junction, but lost the indistinct trail in the swamp. The moving was slow, but I didn't sink in at all. Eventually, the hill came into view, and I ran up out onto dry land.
17. +00:15Very nearly optimal in the confusing terrain - on the line, across to the isolated hill, then straight across the swamp at about its narrowest point. I decided to go straight rather than running on the trail, losing maybe 15s.
18. Optimal; right of the marsh on the trail. Slow.
19. +00:10The obvious route - along the trail to just before the field south of 19, then in. Some hesitation in the circle.
20. North to the road, past the field, to the N-S trail, attacked from the trail junction east of the control. Clean.
21. Trail.
F. Field. Put on some afterburners.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:35

Split Analysis

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