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Race Evaluation

BATONA 500: Red


1. A quick glance at the map showed this was just a trail run to a remote start so I ran hard.
7. Though this would be easy and just took a bearing thru the green. Got a stick in the eye and lost track of my position and stopped short. After some wandering to determine where in the green I was, saw what I assumed to be #3 and attacked from there. Still missed the control when I did not see it in the green and was heading back to #3 take a careful approach when I found it.
19. Unfortunately 18 came up before I was expecting it and I had not looked ahead to 19. Marty went off in the direction of 19 and I started that way but was having some trouble seeing and folding the map. Did not see 19 and just saw the long leg to 20 so headed for the road. Did not even see the trail option to the road until I was on the road. Found out when downloading that I had skipped 19. Figure I could have done the leg in around 1:30 and it would not have changed my time to 20 by that much.
20. Marty caught me on the road near #15 so I just assumed he had started to go straight and then decided to take the road. Did not see the first trail off of the road so passed the 2nd thinking it was the first. Seemed like a long way and I could see the curve ahead indicating I had gone to far. Marty cut in at the rootstock and after some thinking I realized I had missed a trail and cut in as well.
21. Not thinking very clearly now, just trying to run hard thru what looked to be easy legs. Got to far to the left when I crossed Noreman Road and did not notice there were lots of parallel trails. Just ran down the one I expected to see and cut in at the junction. .. and ended up 1/2 way to #22 before figuring out where I was.
22. Straight. Figured I could not miss the trail. Once I saw the streamers just aimed for the control at the end.
F. Knocked my glasses off leaving the control so just picked them up and ran without putting them on. Seemed like a long run in. Actual run in time was 40s. Surprised to have a time of 73:04, a much faster per km time than I can usually manage. Even more surprised when I downloaded and was told I had mispuched. I added 1:25:00 to move me to the bottom of the results.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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