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Race Evaluation

BATONA 500: Red


1. Cool running on the white leg, while memorizing the next leg.
2. Trail to road, fire break trail to slight climb, over the hill into the reentrant.
3. +00:30Straight on line, hit trail intersection. Up on trail, through green in opening to reentrant. I am glad I can read the details today, the contours are less vague, since 2 or 3 are bunched together. Check the map a few times too much to be save.
4. With an eye on the compass to trail, see ridge, wonder about the funny place for control on a trail piece.
5. +00:15Straight, cautious because the small negative contours can be tricky. End up 50m south of control, correct quickly.
6. +01:00Leave control too fast, get to trail intersection, go through a directional confusion until I pick the correct one. Straight on compass would be faster.
7. To trail intersection, past green, cut to control.
8. +00:30Stay on line, follow the ditch (also a trail), cross road, cut through the white open. Vague terrain, hit trail, spend time on making sure where I am. Get to intersection, over hill to control. Nervous along the way, with more self-confidence would come more speed.
9. +00:30Out to road and back in. Not sure if it was as fast as I thought.
10. +02:00Cut to trail intersection, directional problem (don't know why I struggle this again), pick wrong trail, back and to the correct one. At least I realize that I am temporarily brain-empty, maybe the fast running does this to me. I am careful as I approach control, hit it right on.
11. Straight on the line, see large reentrant, trail on top of ridge and cut to control.
12. +00:20On line to jeep trail, cross to trail in reentrant, go straight past the green, see another control, know it is not mine.
13. +00:15Cross road, follow bottom of hill then climb. Staying west of green would have made it faster.
14. +01:00Out to road. Move well there. Too well, I overrun the small trail, see the fallen trees, run in to control. See Kissy leaving the control.
15. +00:20Lots of nothing and fallen trees. Drift somewhat north before correcting to the green patches.
16. +02:00Straight to road, on compass to trail, drift to trail south of Y, go to wrong spur, have a while to figure the parallel error, Kissy was faster to correct. Stupid in competition error.
17. To road intersection, to fence, follow it, cut in going north, ignore the ditch jiggles. Catch up with Kissy.
18. +00:30Follow the fence, cut road, careful in vague reentrants, right on to control, somewhat slowed by precision.
19. I move fast, get ahead and carefully cross the plain white to the ditch.
20. +03:00To road. Think I can cross straight. No good. Boom. Slow running. Hit trail, but I am not sure if it is the ditch/trail fragment. Turn slightly north. Hit asphalt road at intersection. Rip off my head, scratch it, too. Can't believe I am back here. Jog along. Lost contact. See Sergej G. behind me, let him catch up. Seems I am right on my way to #20.
21. Nothing to lose. I race Sergej, suddenly energized from the easy jog before. He looks puzzled at my rocket start. Good, at least I can push him to speed. Straight to road, up on trail to small trail to control.
22. Keep pushing hard, can barely read the map. Straight, somewhat stuck in downfall along the spur above control. Sergej moves ahead before the control. Young legs, faster.
F. Run. I enjoyed the last few controls, the speed and the sudden surge of energy.

Total Time Lost - 00:12:10

Split Analysis

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