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Race Evaluation

BATONA 500: Red


1. Down the trail
2. Started east down the trail then decided to cut the corner. Crossed road and got on the correct trail. Ran to within site of the hill and cut over to the control. Slow on final approach.
3. +00:35Straight lined it but ended up to far north. Ended up the by the '"7" on control 7. Took me a while to realize I really was that far north.
4. +00:20Straight. Ended up to close to the road. Had to cut up trail to control.
5. straight
6. Tried to read the contours on the way.
8. Straightish. Headed slightly south to hit the trail going towards 8. At last trail junction cout over to the trail
9. straight. By the first hunter stand. Didn't see the second one.
10. straight.
11. Stayed left of line. Realized I was two high when I saw the hunter stand way north of where I was. I came back southish. Saw a control and wasn't sure if it was mine. Contours didn't look right. Figured I should still check it out. Ran up to the control but the code wasn't right. (unfortunately, I was reading the wrong clue entry). It really was mine. Nonetheless, I ran away back towards 10 and passed Mark Dominie heading towards 10. I found the hunter's stand again. Darn, that control must have been mine.
12. Straight. Ended up to far south again but corrected.
13. straight. Wasn't sure which reentrant as they all were small.
14. I decided to go straight instead of taking the road. I think the road would have been faster. Hit the north/south trail. ignored the first part but then took the 2nd part. Didn't see the first root stock. Somehow I was to far right. I could see the down trees but no rootstock. I don't know how the vegetation was mapped here. I finally decided to head up towards the road and saw the control. Got there just ahead of Clem who was on blue.
15. straight
16. Straight but drifted left. Hit the trail junction (luckily) and corrected.
17. Decided to avoid green I would go left around the yard. Went straight rather than take the trails.
18. straight.
20. Out to the road, down to the trail. Down trail to next road. Really getting tired on this run. Was to far left and corrected at the root stock.
21. +00:30straight but was to far right after crossing the first trail. Corrected and came out at the road trail junction. started down the trail but decided it would be quicker to go straight. Ended up to far right and was unsure of which reentrant I was at.
22. +00:15Difted to far left and went though part of the green.
F. Ran hard in. It was a lot farther than I expected.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:40

Split Analysis

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