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Race Evaluation

BATONA 500: Day 1 Red


1. Run, read map. Don't see small trail to #2.
2. +00:30Run to sandy jeep trail, along to smallish side trail, over spur to control.
3. Clean on line, reading contours. This will develop into a bad habit on the next leg.
4. +12:00Cross to trail intersection. Go straight with the intention of following the vague contour/hillside. It gets very vague. Indistinct. Other runners left and right. Try to stay on compass. Read contours. Or not. Over run control. Realize it, move to the correct spur. Not. Hit trail, turn around. Can't figure it. Run west to large trail. Can't believe where I am. But I am. Go in very carefully. Miss it again. Out to jeep trail. Hate it. Back to intersection which I crossed 10 minutes ago. See a bunch of people coming from #3. Attack with them over slight ridge leading to control. Wow, this was bad. Very bad. Reading contours is out of question. Compass, stay on line, read whatever is possible to read.
5. I run with Michael Sandstrom, as fast as I can. See if I can keep up. Yes, it works.
6. Moving fast, revenge for my time loss.
7. +00:20Mikey gets away, but we drifted slightly east and I correct earlier, he comes flying in behind me.
8. Straight, run, count trails. Drift slightly north, but see the hill. Mickey arrives about the same time.
9. Straight on line, M. gets away.
10. +00:30Straight, cut trails, drift slightly north to another control, but correct soon.
11. I guess they call this uphill here, three contours.
12. +00:45Over hill, in reentrant to control, but not, where is it. Finally dive into deep mountain laurel and find bag. Later find out that M. got lost here for a while.
13. +01:00With Bernie Breton across the blueberries. Get away, hit trail before control somewhat north of line. See slight hill, aim from there to control. Hit spur north of control, move over. Bernie catches up.
14. Straight to control. Bernie is surprised how quickly we got there.
15. Straight on line to trail, somewhat cautious along the reentrant, hit control fine. Bernie doesn't keep up, gets lost here.
16. +02:00Easy, not. Cross into wonderful fast open woods. See open area, small trail, hit wrong control, lose contact. Back to trail. Dumb mistake, empty brain.
17. Almost cautious not to mess up another easy one.
18. Now I can run.
F. Finish after too many messes but also some good fast legs. Guess this is not Harriman. Need to learn this.

Total Time Lost - 00:17:05

Split Analysis

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