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Race Evaluation

BATONA 500: Day 1 Red


1. Calmly reading ahead while running down the trail. I said aloud to myself how the course printing was difficult to read.
2. A slight confusion getting onto the right trail and then I almost overran the bend where I wanted off. Straight in from there.
3. Up and over to spike it.
4. I used the trails to get to the ridge and then cut over to spike it.
5. I followed the ridge somewhat. I got a little over to the right but corrected as I neared.
6. Farily straight to spike it.
7. +05:00I thought I was right on up to the trail crossing as I could distinguish the knoll to my left. I got a bit distracted by two runners ahead of me and perhaps also did not have a clear picture in my mind of what to look for. I missed to the right and even hitting a hunter stand, I couldn't relocate. Eventually, I came back to the trail and relocated at a split in the trail. I ran up from there to the clearing and hit it.
8. I ran straightish. Crossing the second trail, I kenw where I was from the subtle bend. I aimed off a bit and spiked it as another older runner was leaving.
9. At first, I caught a few glimpses of the other older runner. He seemed to be going a bit to the right but was not far off. I lost sight of him but hit the control well.
10. +08:45I ran straight. At the reentrants, I ran up one to the trail, then came back going the wrong way. I was only one reentrant off but did a loop on the next, thus losing 2 minutes or so.
11. +01:50I was doing okay but landed one reentrant to the left (north). I hit the trail, cut back, then went further north in a loop before ending up at the control.
12. +00:30I used the trail, then cut in just before the reentrant. I saw a control in a side reentrant and ran near it w/o checking, then continued down the side of the spur. I expected to be able to see the control at the end of the spur so when I didn't, I stopped. It was thick going on but I soon saw it.
13. +00:15I started going up the reentrant to keep my location known. At the second trail crossing, I cut right, ran to an intersection, then cut left. At T intersection, I ran mostly on bearing. Someone else, perhaps on a Blue course, was running parallel and faster to my left; more near the ridge line. I passed Patti Miller, then cut right at the next trail. Believing myself to be at a reentrant, I attacked and got into another reentrant, just north of the control. Several people were hunting here. I kept going then stopped. Just barely visible, one older runner found it and was approaching. As I saw this, several others did nearly at the same time. I raced them there to punch just after the guy I'd seen first.
14. I went fairly straight and spiked it. I was able to read at least some of the contours to keep me on-track.
15. I realized that I had just barely enough time to get in still under 10 minutes/K. I ran faster going straight. As I got to clearer ground, I knew I was on-target. I saw it from within the larger reentrant.
16. I went straight then started second guessing my route. Should I have used the trail? It was too late to worry about it so I kept going. I passed Van Anthony who was on the trail crossing left to right. I used the hut in the clearing to keep me true. I was a bit close to it so I used this to sort of aim off into the reentrant and spike the control.
17. I ran the high ground straight there.
18. I ran straight but perhaps drifted left from the slope. The flags were easily visible but I didn't go all out. I wanted to make sure I would punch the right control.
F. I gave it a good push.

Total Time Lost - 00:16:20

Split Analysis

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