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Race Evaluation

BATONA 500: Day 1 Red


2. Trail, then climbed along N side of broad spur.
3. +00:30Missed to R, ran down reentrant after hitting trail.
4. Cut off trail to follow below form-line spur.
5. To NW trail, then skirted both hills.
6. On line. Able to identify form line knoll on top of 2nd spur from a distance.
7. Briefly along trail until depression evident, then able to count re-entrants.
8. Roughly on line, goofed by counting dead-end trail spur and wound up 1 trail short of goal. Very fortunate to find #9 in a roughly parallel placement.
9. Easy backtrack.
10. Identified trail junction near midpoint of leg.
11. +01:15Drifted L hitting NS trail near junction, then ran to reentrant past control before circling back.
12. Straight, wound up a little R.
13. +01:00Roughly on line all the way. Thought I had identified form line re-entrant crossing trail, but wound up running down next spur S. Corrected after seeing trail further S.
14. On line.
15. Trail run to junction SE of control.
16. On line.
17. +00:30Hitched on to wrong train and visited penultimate Blue control. I probably should have gotten suspicious as I crossed a trail, but I was already focused on visible flag and had stopped reading map. A somewhat inglorious way to end what was nevertheless my finest A-meet performance ever.
18. +00:10Didn't see trail lying almost directly under red line, so wound up attacking from next trail E.
F. Strong run-in fueled by appreciation of better than expected performance.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:25

Split Analysis

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