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Race Evaluation

DVOA White Clay Creek: Red


1. +00:05Dropped control card (tore off strap) at bag
2. +00:03Some hesistation at end (didn't read condes)
4. +00:10Around left of green. Then read condes and ended up well below bag. Drank a few cups.
5. +00:15Hesitant about attack and approach. There was a shelf just above the control that I didn't really see on map.
6. This was up too high I think.
7. Contoured (better than it looks cuz 6 was high)
8. cut one trail corner midroute.
9. Trail right, then cut through white and down.
10. Attacked along hillside WSW of bag.
11. +00:05Swerved too far R crossing route W of ditch, then straight in.
12. +00:20Hes. at trail before going around. Looks like around was comparable and I bet it was a lot more fun. Saw one new marked trail just before field and thought - wow, there are new official trails. Which helped a lot was I noted that the first trail on my left wasn't really around the bend, but was going the right direction - so I took the unmapped trail that threw Vadim, but knew it was unmapped. Attacked too vaguely down broad spur though so was quite hesistant.
13. +00:20Climbed out a lot (dumb - should've stayed low on exit), then down up in first reentrant. Hes. at ditch SE of correct one for a bit.
14. +00:08Slowly catching Karl - quite close near end, but then he didn't have to punch 14. I ran to circle center but then had to swerve left to ditch on reading condes (my circle was a bit off)
15. Down up - I wonder if left was faster, then field-climb to 15 was brutal.
F. Couldn't catch Karl despite HR rising from 177-180 on this leg...

Total Time Lost - 00:01:26

Split Analysis

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